About us

Created at the start of 2023, My-Canvas is an emerging new company started by one individual out of a passion for magnificent art. My-canvas is all about quality and honesty, as I think thats how a business should operate, which is why I try to guarantee customer satisfaction. 

My-Canvas creates high quality canvas designs, using state of the art printing machines to produce the highest quality canvases for you. Quality, value and customer satisfaction is our highest priority.

We also strive on being as eco friendly as possible. That's why we use materials sustainably and ethically sourced. 

Sustainably sourced wood or paper from sustainable forests

Local fulfilment for reduced carbon emissions

No animal products used.

Water based inks.


We have 3 manufacturing locations, based in United Kingdom, United States of America and Netherlands.  This enables us to be able to produce and have your items delivered fairly quickly. Also reduces our carbon footprint, helping the environment.